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Dark Old Town

I dont remember how this dream starts but the ending is still pretty clear even today years after i had it

Setting is Old town Alexandria Virginia on a cold autumn bleak afternoon clouds all over the place with hundreds of crows flying everywhere and street filled with people walking towards the center of town, where this new building appeared a Gothic style skyscraper that seemed to have come out of nowhere and it seemed to be more of a hotel than anything else at least that’s what it seemed to be to me.

In the dream I keep going back and forward between images of the lobby of the “hotel” and me walking towards in the middle of the crowd.
The hotel seems to be decorated in 40s style big room with brown and redish colors with gold ornaments red oriental rugs decor the floors, the main elevator has gold plated doors with ample of room for the coffin that was sitting inside of it a dark colored coffin that seemed to be the center of this dream and as the door closes the indicator signals that the coffin is going up ..
As I keep walking towards the center of the town or where the hotel seemed to be the people around me grew more wary  as the afternoon turned colder and more and more birds flew around us and watched us as we got closer to the building, the closer i got the bigger this feeling of uneasiness grew inside for no apparent reason and as the building came closer to us it also felt like i would never stop walking.
The crowd around me started falling on the ground to pray some cried the end of days was upon us when all the sudden a chill down my spine marked the moment when all birds stopped mid air for a couple of seconds as the coffin inside the elevator reached its destination at top of the Gothic skyscraper hotel . Once the coffin was out into the top all birds began to fly towards it this also made every single person around me start praying for their souls to be safe for it was certain the end was coming and at this point I felt as if i couldn’t do anything since I not a believer in any religion I didn’t know what to do …if i should forget who i was and drop down and pray or if I should continue to believe in non believing and that’s when I woke up